Tuesday, 11 August 2009

New Travels Ahead

Been a while since I talked about serious travel here, a lot of speculations and what not. But this isn't speculation.

I'm off to New Zealand at the end of this year, tickets are booked and everything. I head out on the 29th Decemeber and fly into Christchurch, where I'll bus down to Queenstown for New Years...Gonna be some AWESOME partying there. Can't wait for that.

So I'm planning on spending 4 or 5 days after NYE in Queenstown, then I'm planning on walking/riding/hitching/skateing/jumping/crawling my way to Auckland (via the south Islands west coast, first off, then see where I end up). I've got not return ticket, so I have no date that I have to be anywhere for anything (except new years). Which means as long as I've got money, I'll be in New Zealand! My guess is about 3 - 4 weeks. Maybe more, maybe less (I doubt less).

So that's that. You're all welcome to come join me at any time over there...if you can find me. NEW YEARS IN QUEENSTOWN = YOU'RE ALL INVITED!

In other news, got a massive raise at work today, that's nice.
Started Uni a few weeks ago, that's nice also.
Training is going good, and classes are great, that's very nice.

Eliot OUT

Tuesday, 16 June 2009



Planning trip to london mid-next year.

Training good.

Everything good.

this is an update.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Didnt have work this morning so I went out at 9ish for some training in Belco woo woo.

Worked on a lot, but concentrated mainly on my turnvaults (split step style, getting really fast, confident and fluid on both sides which is great) and also on my climbups (which still aren't great, but I improved hugely today). I found that with climbups its all just a matter of transitioning from the vertical momentum of the kip seamlessly into the pushing motion of the arms. If it isnt seamless then it is much much more difficult.

So yeah, had some awesome trianing this morning. Was going to go for a swim but ended up finishing building a vaulting horse for PK class instead, which is just as beneficial. It works like a treat!

Also trying to arrange a meeting with the traceurs in canberra to have a chat, and try to organise some consistent, weekly training. Not just for Parkour but general fitness also. Will see how it goes, I'm not sure too many people will commit to even coming to the meeting...

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Training Update

Ello all,

Been doing a lot of Parkour training recently with my host brother, he is getting into it which is good, forces me to train more!

Today went out, been working reallllly hard on my landings, and they ahve improved amazingly, much much better, more accurate, softer, more control. Way better. Also been doing a fair bit of tree climbing which is fun, and working on my rolls, so thats all good. Want to concentrate more on my climbups though, they are well shit.

So anyway, been training parkour at least three days a week for at least an hour, hour and a half.

Today went out and was approached by one guy who asked if we were doing Parkour, and hey presto I am back to teaching! Taking him out tomorrow morning for a relaxed session, teach the basics to him, but he seems really keen, and is into the real parkour, not the flips. Which is really refreshing to hear and see.
Really good for me as well because it means more practice to get qualified as an instructor when I get home. Also it means I will get out training more if I know I am meeting someone, more incentive to keep pushing. And I'll get us doing some hardcore conditioning drills as well.

I'm excited about the possiblities arising!

If I can do one thing in this country, and that thing is to set up a new Parkour community that understands the true Parkour. Then every time I have felt home sick, every time I have missed my family, or my girlfriend, every time I have felt pain or sadness here, it will all be WELL worth it.

Anyway, enough written wanking.
Afterwards we went to work on our climbups...or atleast I did a few, they sat down, one had a smoke (lol), anyway, me and this other guy started having a bit of fun fighting. The guy isnt the best fighter, he thinks he is way better than he actually is, which is where he fails badly, trys stuff he really shouldnt (like back spinning kicks lolollol), so we started fighting, pretty hardcore at some times, I took a fair amount of hits, but none of them were strong, none of them made me think twice about them. This was either because I managed to either block or move with them enough to stop the full impact, or the guy just isnt strong and has no power behind them...

I didnt get that many hits on him, but when I did, I hit him hard, got a few good kicks in there, few good punches, unfortunately all my punches to the head were pretty bad. But I learnt a lot, I repeatedly kicked him in the shins and thighs a lot (something I learnt from watching Muy Thai, Thai kick boxing) while we werent in a scuffle, wore him down, it really pissed him off and yet he never learned!
I am slowley getting rid of my bad taekwondo habits, Im getting in there, closer, using my hands more. But the main thing I learnt today, is that I have to take more risks, I am too scared of getting hit, which restricts me. I don't move in, so I can't get close enough for a hit to the head. I've got to get rid of that fear, but I have to remember to pick my entrances, go at the right time.

Anyway, I learnt a lot, I tried a lot of different techniques, different methods, found many very useful.

One thing that was nice, is I was constantly dodging his hits without even thinking about it, I don't know whether this was just luck, or whether it was me...But I hope it was me! He had a lot of big hooks, big and slow! They were easy to dodge. I was using mainly straight punches, the technique I learned from reading a little bit about Wushu theory and methods from an interesting man.

Anyway, I'm done. Looking forward to training this guy tomorrow.
Chao chamos!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

The time is NOW....approximately

Reading some of Thomas' blog again, looking at the photos he took while in Asia...I had a revelation.

I'm sick of thinking up grand things to do, grand adventures. It is time to actually take a step to do them! I'm not going to say now something like "therefore, I will ride my bike from Madrid to Jerusalem" or anything like that...I'm gonna wait and see how we go, see what I want to do when I return to Australia.

Some things I would LIKE to do (in terms of adventure)...
- One day I want to ride to Sydney
- I would like to ride to Melbourne
- I would like to ride from Canberra to Perth
- I would like to ride through Tibet and rural china
- I would like to ride through Europe.

Those are just some ideas, I think Canberra to Sydney would be a pretty good one, and not too difficult, one to train with. Then move up to Melbourne, and of course Perth last!

The main difficulty with Perth would be carrying water during the dry stretches. But amazing country sides.

Anyway, we will see how long this lasts eh, hopefully I keep this frame of mind, lots of adventures to be had!

Friday, 13 March 2009

MovNat, Methode Naturelle, y Erwan Le Corre

Ok well some interesting training advancements this week, yesterday me and David (my host brother) went out for some parkour training, which I enjoyed so much, it was so good to get out training again.
That night I read an article about Erwan Le Corre's new training system, MovNat, the article was very inspiring, and I decided to try some old Methode Naturelle techniques (different to MovNat). Don't get me wrong, what I was doing was NOT Methode Naturelle, I just took one principle from it, which is continuous work. Not stopping at all for the duration of the session.

So today, David and I went for some more training, but this time using the above technique. We set off to the park, and once we started we didnt stop. We sorta did our own things though. Started with a jog around the block, and got to some courts, basketball and Soccer. Surrounded by Big stair-like seats. So we did some balance work, running up and down the seats, climing over the fence, Jumping through holes in the fence, climbing around the soccer goals, etc. etc. Really good workout. I moved on to some trees, lots of tree climbing, dropping down out of them, climbing up, running between branches, that sorta stuff.

Kept following the path, playing in trees as we went. Jogged back down to the main park and did some more parkour-like movements, sprints with jumping, vaulting, precisions, balance, etc. etc.

We then finished up with some fighting drills, starting with 10 forehand jabs, then 10 forehand jab followed by backhand jab, then we added a different attack each time and repeated 5 times. Great fun. We then ran back towards the house, first while runnign doing some quick play fighting, defending myself while running backwards, him attacking running forwards. Good fun! Umm yeah, got to the house, was buggered.

Went up to a wall did some climbups. Then we just sat at the top of the wall, watched the sky become as dark as the sillhoueted (spelling?) mountains. Very relaxing, then stretched out before heading home. All up, over an hour and a half of continuous exercise.

I'm now exceptionally tired.

I think I will continue training sessoins like this, but perhaps I will mix these sessions with less intense technical sessions. I am beginning to move away from parkour specifically, and more to well rounded approaches. Like MovNat. I wish to talk to Erwan more, but it is difficult. I must go to Brasil :)

MN names ten different forms of movement: running, walking, moving on all fours, balance, climbing, swimming, defending, jumping, lifting and throwing.

In this session I trained: running, walking, moving on all fours, balance, climbing, jumping and defending. A fair effort I think :)

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Love that spirt! - Day ¿? +2

I love the spirit of this Venezuela,
The happpiness, the passion for life,
I love the carnavals held afuera,
Street dancing without call for strife.

I love the Australian spirit of mates,
Chilling out, surfing, and beer,
There is nothing about the bush that I hate,
The wild is always near.

When I look out my window I see mountains and jungle,
The city weaved into el bosque,
But the trees arent the same, they just dont compare,
To the wonders of my own homeland country.

I can drive on the the coast for an infinite time,
Lay on the beach and breathe the sea air,
But the partying culture, and musical rhyme,
Is nothing compared to what's here.

People cringe and contrast, try decide which is better,
But I could not think of each one as lone
They both have their ups, they both have their downs,
But to me I just call them home.